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4S shop of construction machinery industry advancement promoting diversified development of sales model

Jan 05, 2017

Marketing modes changing from single to multiple

The last ten years is China's largest construction machinery sales model changes in the market, the last single from a direct sales model developed to the coexistence of various sales models, it can be said that today is an era of flourishing. 2000 was a watershed in China's construction machinery market model, which, because of the market dominated by State-owned enterprises, effects left over by the planned economy remain, relatively simple products may also, most companies are taking a direct sales model, set up branches or offices in various locations, presence of sales and service staff, directly facing the end user sales and service. This stage of competition is still insufficient, especially channel development is just beginning, basically no more choices of enterprise sales model.

2000 years zhihou, China construction mechanical market into high-speed development stage, State-owned, and private, and joint venture, variety components of enterprise common participation market competition, market scale and capacity scale unprecedented expansion, directly promote has channel development, direct mode of led status was agent mode replaced, especially mount machine, and excavator this 2 a sales maximum of building engineering mechanical products of production enterprise almost all used agent mode, more is promote has agent mode of prevailed. From the marketing theory, direct mode for high value, high technology, market demand for smaller products, and proxy mode, by contrast, suitable for mass marketing of products can reduce sales costs, and expand the scale of distribution. But in practice, a direct sales model and proxy mode and not the merits of the points, only fit or not. In fact, select mixed-mode Enterprise direct sales and agents, there are many, such as Sunward, Anhui xingma company.