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Chengdu Kobelco target next year tens of billions

Jan 05, 2017

Key works of the first starts after the earthquake--Chengdu Kobelco group "billion" expansion project of moving excavator project officially completed yesterday, this is Chengdu Kobelco group "billion" expansion project of moving the first start-up, the first completed building projects. Standing Committee of the provincial party Committee, Secretary of the municipal party Committee Li Chuncheng, Deputy Secretary of the municipal party Committee and Mayor Paul dubrule, attended the completion ceremony. Tang Chuanping, Deputy Secretary of municipal party Committee, Japan Consul General of Consulate in Chongqing Seto, wild water Corporation Japan Kobe steel Ltd, Chairman of zuotengguangshi and China construction machinery industry association President Qi Jun delivered speeches respectively.

Excavator items last September started in October of this year implement bulk production. Chengdu Kobelco group is expected to achieve sales revenue of 8.5 billion yuan this year, 27% over the last year, in order to achieve billion goal has laid a good foundation for next year. By the end of next year, the group will complete the construction and relocation of the project task, achieve sales revenue of 10 billion yuan, profits of 1.5 billion yuan.