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Extend the life of packing machine

Jan 04, 2017

1, reduce the friction of parts damaged

To cut wear volume, in winding packaging machine job parts Shang as selection wear material, planning mechanical job parts of shape Shi, also as cut it of mill wipe resistance. for example, using high containing manganese volume and re alloy making soil processing parts, in plow wall Shang coated enough wear material as poly fluoride vinyl, using roll child plow put and soil of sliding mill wipe changes for roll mill wipe,, are relative to cut has wear volume.

2, cut parts of fatigue damage

Winding machine surface brightness during the making process, use more gentle section filter to cut the parts stress gathered. Furthermore, using approaches such as carburization, quenching, further advance part hardness, endurance, and resistance to abrasion, can also receive outstanding role.

3, cut parts of the corrosion damage

To prevent parts of corrosion, often with resistance corrosion of material nickel, and chrome, and zinc, plating enough Yu winding packaging machine of metal parts surface, or in metal parts surface coated oil, in non-metallic parts surface coated anti-corrosion of paint, approach, avoid parts and harmful media directly touch. with forward parts surface light degrees of approach, also can cut parts surface of potential difference. this a article usually by produced maternity leave directly end.