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Global packaging machinery market analysis

Jan 04, 2017

After more than 20 years, despite a late start, but China packaging machinery profession has become one of the top ten professions in the machinery industry, and for the guarantee of China's packaging industry supply useful, increased social package professional all the power. Packaging machinery also filled in the blank of this category, get satisfaction needs in the domestic market, some excellent products and manufacturers such as service industries, commodities have been able to reach the export level, this is another China packaging machinery professional major.

Global packaging machinery needed to estimate will be the annual increase rate of 6%. This rate of development is inseparable from the world leader in packaging professional Germany, United States, Japanese, Italy and other countries the proportion of research into, this block area in this research and development in China must learn from foreign countries, to have the courage to test the courage to fight. China packaging network of global packaging machinery market analysis, packaging equipment maker first gathered in the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, China. According to the different location, external packaging machinery market is not the same. Packaging machinery imports in Arab countries in the Middle East tend to pick our domestic equipment, because without him, high cost performance. This feature in the service industry is particularly prominent on the products, the market share has steadily increased.

Germany packaging machinery and equipment in the lead planning, production, skills and other leading world; China is Germany a primary importer of packaging machinery, especially in the food processing and packaging machinery professional. Germany's primary importer of packaging machinery is the United States, United Kingdom, France, China and Russia. Germany packing machinery 85% stake in top of the world. In terms of skills, service industry has always uphold the Germany spirits, caution, the pursuit of perfection. Constantly learning from the packing machines of big brother, and they have achieved a certain progress.