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Packaging automation machinery and new class 5

Jan 04, 2017

(1) the bag making, filling, sealing and packaging machinery: now, more than the machinery production company has more than 100 domestic, annual production of 1500-2000 units, models based on a single column, three-side-seal bags, filling devices are classified as 2G-10G, 20G-50g, 50g-100g, 100g-250g, 250g~500g, and 500g-1000g, and 1000g-2000g other.

(2) corrugated cardboard (box), equipment: in the last ten years, corrugated box machinery industry in China soon, species from corrugated board line printing slotting machine, Board gluing machine, cutting machine series, and many other types.

(3) metal packaging and processing equipment: metal production production of packaging and processing machinery in China has taken shape, round cans can produce resistance welded steel tank production line, special-shaped cans produced in welding

Line, easy open lid production line, steel barrels, bottle production line, the production line.

(4) the molded pulp processing equipment: paper tableware processing devices are now produced in China is still relatively small in scale, processing equipment, high prices.

(5) vacuum packaging machines: vacuum packaging machine in China as the leading product of the company accounts for a small amount, many companies produce mainly to assembling.