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The Elasticity Of The Steel Chain Is Very Important

Jun 12, 2017

How is the steel chain too tight?

Steel chain adjustment is more common, generally have the following three reasons.

1. Due to the serious wear and tear of the steel plate, but the moment or the economy is not allowed, or special-shaped car in advance to buy the same type of tooth plate, put the steel chain tightened to keep the vehicle driving.

2. do not understand the maintenance of knowledge itself to start to adjust, mistakenly tighten the steel chain. This is a concept of touch, only know that steel chain adjustment is the scope of maintenance, Steel Chain I do not know how to adjust is the correct specification.

3. Change the chain to the tooth plate, the mistakenly lost the park to the motorcycle on the motorcycle, resulting in steel chain suddenly suddenly loose, inspection and adjustment, the case of pine, the other end is too tight. Whichever cause of the steel chain adjustment too tight, Steel Chain will thus greatly reduce the steel chain and the life of the tooth plate. When the steel chain adjustment is too tight, due to the contact pressure with the tooth plate increases, steel chain is easy to elongate, the link plate is easy to deformation or pull off, steel chain roller will be broken. In addition, the tooth plate will be so wear and prematurely to the tooth tip sharp, serious jagged.

In addition, the steel chain adjustment is too tight, but also damage the countershaft bearings and needle (bushings), rear wheel buffer bearing life will be greatly extended. This situation is important because the steel chain tension, will be in the vice axis and the rear wheel buffer between the body to form a larger compulsive moment, under the influence of this moment, the bearing characteristics of the task is destroyed, Single side of the larger force, easy to heat damage. Even if not damaged, will be formed in a shorter time the gap increases. Steel Chain Bearing clearance increases, the auxiliary axis of the task is destroyed linearly, needle roller bearings will soon be damaged, this time the problem will be transferred from the steel chain tooth plate to the engine. It can be seen, correct and timely adjustment of the friction of the motorcycle chain is very important.