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Common Lubrication Method For Circular Chain

Jun 12, 2017

There are usually four types of lubrication:

Ⅰ - artificial oil or oil brush regularly oil;

Ⅱ - drip oil lubrication, with oil cups through the tubing to the inside and outside the loose chain of the gap between the drop of oil;

Ⅲ - oil bath lubrication or splash lubrication, the use of sealed transmission box, the former round chain and sprocket part of the dip into the oil, Round Chain which uses a larger diameter of the oil pan oil splash;

Ⅳ - pump pressure fuel lubrication, with oil pump tubing to the circular chain continuous oil supply, the circulating oil can play the role of lubrication and cooling. The kinematic viscosity of the lubricating oil used in the chain drive is about 20 to 40 mm2 / s at the operating temperature. Round Chain Only the speed is very slow and can not supply the oil, it can be replaced with grease.

Round chain work level requirements

The correct choice of the work level of the circular chain, the future use of the ship plays a vital role.

The choice of circular chain, the first to the scope of the use of the enterprise, the frequency of work, utilization, rated weight and other factors to consider, to a reasonable choice for the use of the required level of work round circular chain.

After the arrival of the round chain products, check the random technical information is complete, random accessories, tools, accessories and the list is consistent with the equipment and accessories are damaged, defects, etc., and do out of the box acceptance records. According to the proposed technical parameters, Round Chain the market research. Selection of the supply manufacturers, must be a special equipment with a safety permit of professional round circular chain manufacturing enterprises. Choose a reasonable price, good quality, excellent performance, safety equipment complete round circular chain.

Use round chain to pay attention to the daily anti-corrosion maintenance, and pay attention to the circular ring of the state of the chain to detect wear and tear, deformation, cracks, Round Chain corrosion ring round circular chain.