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Chain Sling Use Precautions

Aug 23, 2017

Chain slings to be based on the actual conditions need to choose to use, there is no strong question than anyone else. If simply from the security point of view, the chain slings than the wire rope sling has a certain advantage, know the chain hoisting chain rod diameter can do 6mm-72mm, Chain Sling limit the workload can reach 1568KN. Under normal circumstances, the chain sling can reach 4 times the safety factor, according to user conditions can be 6 times or 8 times the safety factor to provide products. Good quality of the chain after a long period of use, after wear or use there is an elongation. While the low-end chain may be in the absence of signs of the case will suddenly break. Strict test data show that the chain sling wear or elongation of more than 3%, Chain Sling the operation is still relatively stable, the frequency of failure is still low, wear elongation can be up to 5%, more detailed questions can ask chain sling technology Section 022-58015518, in general, the length of the chain elongation needs to be detected every month, when the elongation of 2.5%, Chain Sling should consider the future life of the chain, ready to replace.

Chain sling In the application of the sling, the detection of hooks and chains is very important to ensure the safety of hoisting operations, especially when the sling has been applied for some time. So, Chain Sling the majority of the operator how to do the chain sling of the test? Zheng Shen here for everyone to talk about it in detail.

Chain sling in the lifting crane hook detection should pay special attention to the frequent use of the hook as far as possible to conduct a quarterly check. The main contents of the test are to ensure the hook and the dangerous section. In the lifting crane with a hook to detect the first use of kerosene wash hook body, Chain Sling with 20 times the magnifying glass to check whether there is cracks in the hook, such as the crack should be stopped using the replacement of new hook. When the dangerous section of the height of the amount of wear when the original height of 10% also need to be replaced.

Chain sling of the sling with the relevant knowledge is already introduced for everyone a lot, Chain Sling in order to let everyone better use of the chain sling, is a technical staff summed up the time experience, summed up the series management process should pay attention to the aspects, Here for everyone to show the next.

Procurement and homemade

1. Chain sling purchase, you must purchase a safety certificate of qualified products, and resolutely can not use unqualified products.

2. Chain sling if it is self-made, it should meet the national and industry requirements of the quality requirements, Chain Sling the technical indicators should not be less than the national and professional standards.


1. The use of units should establish a chain sling management system for effective management.

2. Chain sling should be used regularly to check, once found to affect the safety of the use of defects, Chain Sling should immediately stop using.

3. Monthly use of the unit should be a thorough inspection of sling, and in accordance with safety requirements, to assess its safety, and do a good job of inspection records.

Chain sling features

Material: high quality alloy steel (20Mn2, 20MnV, 25MnV and imported alloy steel);

Manufacturing standards in line with JB / T8108.1-1999 lifting standard short chain;

Strength levels M (4), S (6), T (8);

Safety assurance: 4 times the safety factor, Chain Sling 2.5-bit verification load;

Chain elongation ≥ 17%