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Chain Sling With Wear Resistance

Jul 19, 2017

Chain sling is made of metal chain connection rigging, with wear resistance, high temperature, low ductility, the force will not be elongated and other prominent features, Chain Sling mainly for the manufacturing industry, transportation, mining, etc. industry sector. With the chain sling

The rapid promotion of the use of security issues become the focus of widespread concern in society. We summed up some of the use of chain sling and share with you.

The use of chain sling and precautions:

1, chain and chain sling before use to see the signs on the workload and the scope of application, rigorous overload use, and the chain sling to do visual inspection.

2, in the normal use of the case, the lifting angle is the key to affect the load, Chain Sling carrying chain sling prohibit hanging directly on the crane hook components or winding on the hook, lifting crane hook lifting requirements and heavy The heart in the same vertical line, so that hanging in a stable state of balance, to prevent the rise when the sliding or overturned, between the ring to prohibit the reverse, twisted, knot adjacent activities should be flexible, lifting heavy objects, Stop to slow, pay attention to the balance of gravity hanging objects, Chain Sling to avoid the impact of the load may not be a long time hanging on the hanging chain.

3, chain sling is not suitable for hooks, lugs, rings bolts and other connectors, single and more than one chain sling should be tied to the knot method, the chain slings to gently, strict beat, Chain Sling throw And drag on the ground, to prevent falling from high altitude, so as to avoid falling from high altitude caused by hanging chain deformation, surface and internal damage.

The use of sling

Do not use overload.

The unmarked sling has not been confirmed at all.

The components on the components of the sling are periodically inspected on the basis of the components.

Do not use hammering methods to correct twisted chain sling.

Sling is forbidden to throw.

Do not pull the weight from below or let the weight roll on the sling.

The purchase of sling must be a professional manufacturer in accordance with national standards of production, testing, with a certificate and maintenance, maintenance manual products. Chain Sling In the product must have a clear place is not easy to wear the rated weight, production number, date of manufacture, factory name and other signs. The use of units should be based on the instructions and the use of environmental characteristics of the preparation of safe use procedures and maintenance system.

Chain slings should be tight fit, too tight to increase power consumption, easy wear and tear; too loose chain easy to beat and off the chain. The degree of elasticity of the chain is: from the middle of the chain to lift or press, the two sprocket base distance of about 2% -3%. The sprocket should not be tilted and swung on the shaft. In the same drive assembly, the end faces of the two sprockets should be located in the same plane, Chain Sling the sprocket base distance of 0.5 meters below the promised error of 1 mm; sprocket base distance of 0.5 meters or more, the error of 2 mm. But does not allow the friction chain sprocket wears after severe grill, should also replace the new sprocket and the new chain to ensure the outstanding engagement. You can not replace the new chain or the new sprocket alone. Chain Sling Otherwise it will form a poor engagement to accelerate the wear of new chains or new sprockets. Sprocket tooth surface wear to a certain extent should be timely flip (referring to the use of the sprocket). To extend the use of time.