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Chain Slings Are Mainly Used In Electrical Machinery And Equipment

Sep 25, 2017

Chain slings are made of high quality alloy steel, hoisting sling type, is a metal chain connected to the rigging, in accordance with the form of the main welding and assembling two, according to its structure of single and more.

Chain Sling is a metal chain linked to the sling, in accordance with its form is mainly welded and assembled two kinds, according to its structure single and many, and so on, Chain Sling the use of high-quality alloy steel, its outstanding features are wear-resistant, high temperature, low ductility, force will not be stretched, etc. Its service life is long, easy to bend, suitable for large-scale, frequent use occasions. Chain Sling Flexible multiple limbs, a variety of combination forms can improve work efficiency, reduce costs.

The outstanding characteristic of chain sling is wear-resisting, high temperature resistance, low ductility and no elongation after force. Its service life is long, chain slings are easy to bend, chain slings are suitable for large-scale, frequent use occasions. Flexible multiple limbs, Chain Sling a variety of combination forms can improve work efficiency, reduce costs.

Chain slings are mainly used in power, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, construction, highways, bridges, metallurgy, mining, slope tunnels, shaft control and other basic construction engineering machinery and equipment.

With general only for the hoisting of goods, lifting, transportation. Such products for special tools operators should have a certain degree of operation Common sense, the use of lifting rigging should be detailed understanding. Chain Sling You must read the usage rules in detail when you first use this type of tool.

Chain slings and hanging heavy weights to find the right center of gravity to ensure that the center of gravity is not a problem before lifting. Before hoisting heavy weights should check whether the chain hoisting rigging and heavy objects have good protection, in order to avoid the lifting of the heavy lifting of the surface. Check whether there are personnel work, obstructions, in the range of the lifting, Chain Sling should be cleared in time, remove obstacles before lifting. After the heavy weight is hoisted, no further personnel will pass under the heavy weight or check the construction at the bottom. Chain slings are strictly prohibited in hot-dip galvanizing tanks and pickling tanks.

Routine inspection of chain slings according to regulations, chain slings must be inspected by professionals at least one year apart. Chain Sling At least 31 cracks should be checked. According to the application occasions of the chain hoisting rigging, the inspection may be based on the actual situation reduction cycle, especially in the use of high frequency rail, wear serious, rust, high-temperature environment, such as: three months 1 times inspection. During use, the user should conduct a visual inspection on a regular basis to detect exposed injuries, Chain Sling including those covered by the stain, and if there is any suspicion of the safety of the hoisting of a chain, the word should be discontinued and the professional should be inspected thoroughly.