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Chain Slings For Construction Engineering

Sep 13, 2017

The chain slings are made of high quality alloy steel

Chain slings are made of metal chain links, in accordance with the form of the main welding and assembly of the two, according to its structure of single and more. Lifting chain sling with the prominent characteristics of the chain is wear-resisting, high temperature resistance, ductility is low, Chain Sling the force will not elongate, etc.

Chain slings are suitable for large-scale, frequent use occasions. Flexible multiple limbs, a variety of combination forms can improve work efficiency, reduce costs.

Chain Sling is mainly used in power, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, construction, highways, bridges, metallurgy, mining, slope tunnels, Chain Sling shaft and other basic construction engineering machinery and equipment.

Chain slings in the lifting sling with the specification selection should be combined with the limit of work force requirements and working conditions, the type of load to consider to ensure that the lifting sling in the hoisting capacity can be sufficient to carry out the hoisting of goods.

Chain slings, application standards of chain slings before use, need to see the signs on the work load and applicable scope, strictly prohibit overloading, Chain Sling and the chain sling do visual inspection, in line with the rear can be used. Then the link between the chain is forbidden to use informal links, prohibit directly hanging on the crane hooks on the components or winding on the hook to ensure that the chain lifting sling lifting safety.

There are several kinds of chain slings, and the use of different types is not the same. Its use, reduction and scrap has a certain procedure requirements, Chain Sling it must be very complicated one thing, for such an analysis, should be the lifting sling tool should be carried out through standard means, will meet the lifting sling work environment, will improve the speed of work.