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Chain Slings Should Be Inspected Frequently When Used Daily

Aug 11, 2017

In the application of chain sling, the detection of hook and chain is very important to ensure the safety of hoisting operation, especially when the chain sling has been applied for some time. So, the vast number of operators how to do the hook and chain detection? Right here for everyone to talk about it.

In the chain sling hook detection should pay special attention to the frequent use of the hook as far as possible to do a quarterly inspection. The detection content mainly guarantees hook body and dangerous Section two aspects. Chain Sling In the hoisting chain Sling Hook carries on the inspection first uses the kerosene to wash the hook body, uses 20 times times the magnifying glass to check whether the hook body has the crack, if discovers the crack should stop using replaces the new hook. When the height of the dangerous section is 10% of the original height, Chain Sling it needs to be replaced in time.

Chain Sling related knowledge has been introduced for everyone, in order to let everyone better use of chain sling, is the technical staff summed up the time experience, summed up the series of management processes to pay attention to, Chain Sling here for everyone to show. I. Procurement and SELF-CONTROL

1. When the chain sling is purchased, it is necessary to purchase the qualified products with safety proof and cannot use unqualified products.

2. If the chain sling is home-made, it shall conform to the quality requirements of the state and the industry, Chain Sling and its technical indicators shall not be less than the national and professional standards.

II. Management

1. The use of units should establish a chain sling management system for effective management.

2. Chain slings should be inspected frequently when they are used daily, and should be stopped immediately once they have been found to affect the safety of use.

3. Each month the unit shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the chain Sling and assess its safety according to the safety technical requirements and make a good inspection record.