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Characteristics And Principles Of Packing Machine

Jan 04, 2017

1, winding machine lifting tissue use a dedicated elevator guide rail, double chain drive, the entire lifting organizations operate more smoothly, winding machines longer, low failure rate;

2, film winding machine rack all welding skills and laser cutting machining technology, wrapping machine film strength and processing high precision, so winding machine stability is very good, the noise is lower;

3, film winding machine rack bracket for sensor protection adopted a full range of protection, protection in place. Film frame equipment electrical junction boxes, winding machine sensor replacement maintenance more convenient;

4 choose programmable machine designed specifically customized for winding machines, winding machines more function arguments and technical parameters can be set freely to adjust, add device soft positioning function, satisfaction with differentiated packaging needs of users;

5, the traditional ball fixed point in improved virtual origin. Save the turntable back before the packaging process. Arbitrary loading location that the original position, winding machine packages accurately at the end back to the original point. Simplifying winding machine operation.