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Features, Specifications And Application Of Spraying Robot

Jan 04, 2017

The main advantage of spraying robot:

(1) flexible, broad scope of work.

A: the broad scope of work and audit risk.

B: can realize the inner surface and the outer surface of the coating.

C: mixed line production to achieve a variety of models, such as pickup trucks and cars, travel car body mixed line production.

Types of spraying robot features:

(1) Air spray robot

Air spray robots, also known as low pressure Air spray, spray machines rely on low pressure air paint spray gun formed atomizing air flow on the surface (wall or wood surface), Air spray compared with hand brushes, no brush marks, and the plane is relatively uniform, with shorter working hours, can effectively shorten the duration.

(2) the spraying robot

Airless spraying robot construction that can be used for high viscosity paint and clarity, even for some borders require spraying projects.