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G80 Chain Has A Very Big Role

Sep 13, 2017

G80 chain is an indispensable device in lifting operation, which has great effect on enlarging operation range and improving operation efficiency.

G80 Chain Classification:

1, transmission chain, is used to transfer the force, G80 Chain mainly connected between the various transmission components;

2, conveyor chain, in this form of the existence of a variety of products, usually to transport heavy objects for the purpose of the chain, generally referred to as conveyor chain;

3, Traction chain, the operation is responsible for dragging, lifting, G80 Chain such as hand-pull hoist on the manual chain and lifting chain;

4, special special chain, is often placed on the mechanical device, G80 Chain and has a common chain does not have a special function and structure.

G80 Chain Features:

★ Application: Hoisting chain, reusing gourd chain, hanging beam

★ Material: High quality alloy steel

★ Surface: Polishing, blackening, dipping paint, painting, hanging plastic, hot dip galvanizing, electroplating, up to

★ Manufacturing Standards: ISO, DIN, BS, JIS, gb*

★ Strength Rating: 100, 80, 70, 63, 50, 40

★ Safety GUARANTEE: 4 times times safety factor, G80 Chain 2.5 times times Verification load *

★ Product Mark: Chain ring Surface Gum "ZC" or product specification *

★ Level 80 with a ring chain each has a unique number, printed on the seal at the end of the ring chain on the plate

G80 chain We in use, we need to measure its length, the length of G80 chain should be how to measure is accurate, as a professional high-strength chain manufacturers, G80 Chain today with everyone to learn about the length of high-strength chain should be measured.

The G80 chain can withstand a greater pull. G80 Chain In order to choose the chain of the crane, the chain must be measured in length and the chain of Crane model should be purchased.

1, before measuring the G80 chain need to be cleaned;

2, will be measured G80 chain around the two sprocket, the measured chain of the upper and lower sides should be supported;

3. The G80 chain should stay 1min under the condition of One-third minimum tensile load.

4, measurement, in the G80 chain on the imposition of the specified measurement load, so that the upper and lower sides of the chain tension, chain in the sprocket should ensure normal gear;

5. Measuring the center distance between two sprockets.

G80 chain used for a period of time, G80 Chain the need for G80 chain lubrication, as a professional plate G80 chain manufacturers, today to learn about the common G80 chain lubrication methods.

1. Regular use of oil pot or brush oil;

2. Oil lubrication, with oil cup through the tubing to the loose edge inside and outside the chain board gap oil dripping;

3. Oil bath lubrication or splash lubrication, the use of a sealed transmission box, the former G80 chain and part of the sprocket immersed in oil, the latter using a larger diameter oil spill pan;

4. Oil pump pressure fuel lubrication, oil pump through the tubing to the G80 chain continuous supply of oil, circulating oil can play the role of lubrication and cooling. The movement viscosity of lubricating oil used in chain drive is about 20~40MM2/S at operating temperature. G80 Chain Only if the speed is very slow and cannot supply the oil, can replace with grease.

Warm tip: not only lubrication, but also day-to-day maintenance.