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G80 Chain Is An Indispensable Device In Lifting Operation

Oct 31, 2017

G80 chain also known as the 80-level lifting ring chain, T8-level lifting short ring chain, manufacturing process is automatic welding, selection of 20MN2 material manganese alloy materials, through intermediate frequency quenching heat treatment, to reach the G80 level, G80 Chain this chain is used for hand-pulling hoist lifting chain, hand-pull hoist lifting chain, chain electric hoist lifting chain, Chain-type rigging is an important part of the chain.

G80 chain is an indispensable device in lifting operation, which has great effect on enlarging operation range and improving operation efficiency. Chain is the use of the international most advanced chain equipment and the most advanced chain technology, the selection of the international best quality alloy steel, reference DIN5685, En818-2, gb/t12718, gb/t20946 and other standard production, its scope is: φ6-φ48, G80 Chain Can also be based on customer needs to make different pitch chain.

G80 Chain Classification:

1, transmission chain, is used to transfer the force, mainly connected between the various transmission components;

2, conveyor chain, in this form of the existence of a variety of products, G80 Chain usually to transport heavy objects for the purpose of the chain, generally referred to as conveyor chain;

3, Traction chain, the operation is responsible for dragging, lifting, such as hand-pull hoist on the manual chain and lifting chain;

4, special special chain, is often placed on the mechanical device, G80 Chain and has a common chain does not have a special function and structure.

G80 Chain Features:

Application: Hoisting chain, reusing hoist chain, hanging beam

Material: High quality alloy steel

Surface: Polishing, blackening, dipping, spray painting, hanging plastic, hot dip galvanizing, electroplating, Da Luo

Manufacturing Standards: ISO, DIN, BS, JIS, gb*

Strength Rating: 100, 80, 70, 63, 50, 40

Safety guarantee: 4 times times safety factor, 2.5 times times Verification load *

Product mark: Chain ring Surface Gum "ZC" or product specification *

Level 80 with a ring chain each has a unique number, printed on a plate fastened to the end of the ring chain.

G80 chain can be installed correctly, this directly related to our lifting work can be carried out smoothly, so today we will introduce the chain in the installation of the process of what requirements, G80 Chain I hope that users can read carefully. G80 Chain Installation Requirements

Requirements One: G80 chain in the installation process must pay attention to the phenomenon of warping, otherwise in the process of operation may appear card chain phenomenon, G80 Chain which will bring us trouble;

Requirements Two: We should also pay attention to the installation of the chain in the process of tightness is appropriate, in order to prevent the chain from being too tight or too loose, G80 Chain it is easy to have problems in the process of use; Request three: After the installation of the chain, we should again carefully check it, in order to prevent fixed chain screws too loose, In this way, we may have the problem of rupture in the process of using.