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G80 Chain Is Widely Used

Oct 19, 2017

The G80 chain is widely used in our lives, but few people know that the G80 chain will have different names depending on the function it accomplishes.

G80 chain can be installed correctly, this directly related to our lifting work can be carried out smoothly, so today we will introduce the G80 chain in the installation process of what requirements, I hope you can read carefully. G80 Chain Installation Requirements

Requirements One: G80 chain in the installation process must pay attention to the phenomenon of warping, otherwise in the process of operation may appear card chain phenomenon, which will bring us trouble;

Requirements II: We in the process of installing the chain should also pay attention to its tightness is suitable, in order to prevent the chain is too tight or too loose problem, G80 Chain so in the process of use is prone to problems;

Requirements three: After the installation of the chain, we should again carefully inspect it, in order to prevent the fixed chain screws too loose, so that we in the process of use may be broken problems.

G80 chain in the installation process should pay more attention to the above aspects, G80 Chain in order to prevent accidents in the process of accidents, so as to endanger our life safety.

G80 chain in the use of wear due to failure, this is a very common kind of problem, so the operation can reduce its wear degree? It's really simple, just two strokes.

First recruit; Before using the G80 chain to carry out the work, evenly apply a thin layer of lubricating oil on its surface, and rest for a period of time, after the grease is fully absorbed, G80 Chain then the use of the line, so that it can be achieved to reduce the degree of wear.

The second recruit: according to the actual need to choose the appropriate chain to carry out the operation, not only that, if in the use process, there is an abnormal operation, G80 Chain please stop the operation in time, the chain to overhaul, so you can achieve the purpose of its wear degree.

Product Features of G80 chain:

1. Material: High strength alloy steel.

2, Surface treatment: rolling light, blackening, G80 Chain galvanized and so on.

3, Production standards: ISO. DIN. BS. JIS. ASTM.

4, Level: G80, G100.

5, Safety factor: minimum 4 times times safety factor.