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G80 Chain Maintenance Work

Jul 19, 2017

We have introduced the G80 chain mainly used high-quality low-carbon alloy steel forging, which for this chain we can be used for what occasions, what work to do? For such a chain can be used to complete the following work:

1, can be used in the lifting industry, such as: chain hoists, lever hoist, G80 Chain electric hoist and other lifting machinery, because they work more harsh environment, and the general lifting chain can not adapt to such an environment;

2, this chain can also be used to complete the traction work, for transport machines and other mechanical tools, the use of the same G80 chain, because of its strong tensile, G80 Chain so the process is not easy to be used in the pull off.

G80 chain maintenance work we have already introduced, but Xiaobian in this to remind the majority of customers: the chain of maintenance work to do a comprehensive, or still can not play a protective role! Here we take a look at what aspects of maintenance are easy to be ignored.

Aspect 1: We in the chain of dust work, the link for the junction of the Department should also be carefully wiped, or the link is easy to deposit foreign body, G80 Chain thus undermining the chain of anti-corrosion;

Aspect two: in the chain smear grease when the uniform, we can use hardwood brush and other tools. At this point we should pay attention to the roller and the gap with the cover we can not let go, remember: maintenance must be comprehensive, otherwise equal to not do;

Three aspects: for the old and new chain can not be mixed use, G80 Chain or easy to increase the damage to the new chain, increase its retirement rate, so that we are worth the candle.

Since the G80 chain to maintain, we have to do a comprehensive. Hope that the majority of users in the future maintenance process to the above three areas to be taken seriously.