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G80 Chain Use Precautions

Aug 01, 2017

As the G80 chain with alloy steel material, so when used in the strong wear, but if the operation will still make the G80 chain break, this is called strong cracking, the following small series to do a brief introduction to it.

G80 chain of strong cracking and fatigue cracking is not the same concept, strong cracking refers to the G80 chain has been a strong impact, the chain was forced to pull off, this chain pull off we can avoid, G80 Chain as long as we use the chain when the correct Operation, G80 Chain to ensure that the work around the environment without danger, the chain of strong cracking can be effectively avoided.

G80 chain of strong cracking is due to operational errors caused by, we should try to avoid, thus extending the life of the chain. As long as we use the specification, the operation is correct, you can make the G80 chain to play the most "power."

Chain for a long time use, the shape will have some changes, common deformation, distortion, G80 Chain wear and so on, and the chain should be dealt with in a timely manner to reduce the risk of occurrence.

Lifting chain distortion often occurs, G80 Chain for the emergence of the distortion will have an impact on operational safety, the user should do a detailed understanding of the work done.

If the degree of distortion is relatively light, then the user can continue to lift the work, but to do a good job checking the chain, to understand the degree of development of the distortion, G80 Chain if you can not rule out the danger should be strictly prohibited.

80 chain in the use of wear due to failure, which is a very common kind of problem, then this operation can reduce the degree of wear it? In fact, very simple, just two strokes.

The first step in the use of 80 lifting chain before the operation, in its surface evenly coated with a thin layer of lubricating oil, and put it aside for some time, G80 Chain after the grease is fully absorbed, and then use, so you can To achieve the purpose of reducing the degree of wear.

The second measure: According to the actual need to select the appropriate chain of specifications for the operation, not only that, if the use of the process, G80 Chain there have been abnormal operation, please stop the operation, the chain maintenance, so you can achieve its wear the goal of.

G80 chain can be installed correctly, which is directly related to our lifting work can be carried out smoothly, G80 Chain so today we come to introduce the chain in the installation process which requirements, I hope you can read the user. G80 chain installation requirements

Requirements 1: G80 chain in the installation process must pay attention to the phenomenon can not appear twist, G80 Chain or in the course of the operation may appear card chain phenomenon, which will bring us trouble;

Requirements 2: We should also pay attention to the tightness of the chain during the installation of the chain is appropriate to prevent the chain appears too tight or too loose the problem, so that the use of the process prone to problems;

Requirements 3: After we have installed the chain, G80 Chain we should carefully check it again to prevent the screws of the fixed chain too loose, so that we may be in the process of the problem may be broken.

G80 chain in the installation process should pay more attention to the above aspects, to prevent accidents in the course of work, so as to bring a threat to our lives.