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Hoisting Chain Is A Very Important Role In Lifting Industry

Oct 19, 2017

The lifting chain is made up of an active sprocket mounted on a parallel shaft, a chain of driven sprocket and a sprocket on the chain, with a special toothed tooth on the sprocket, and the meshing of the sprocket tooth and chain to transfer movement and power, and the chain drive is a meshing transmission with the intermediate chain condition. Compared with the belt transmission, the chain drive has no elastic sliding and slipping phenomenon, therefore, it can maintain the accurate average transmission ratio, the driving efficiency is high, and the preload force of the hoisting chain drive is small, so the axial force is smaller, the structure is compact under the same conditions, and can work under high temperature, oily and low speed. Compared with the gear drive, the manufacture and installation accuracy of the hoisting chain drive is low and the cost is low, Lifting Chain and its structure is simple and light when long-distance transmission.

Lifting chain is a lifting industry has a very important role, lifting chain has a very important meaning, lubrication can not only reduce friction, reduce wear, but also to make the chain running more unobstructed, so that the work more smoothly completed. But lubrication should also be standardized to carry out, or not to the effect of lubrication, below we will give you the correct lubrication method of lifting chain.

First of all before lubrication to check the chain general lifting chain should be vertical, should not be distorted or deformed situation, and the chain between the pitch should be within 4% of the original length, if the original length of 4% should be in time for the replacement of the chain.

Second, the chain should be cleaned, keep the chain clean, dry, and timely lubrication lubricants. In the key parts of the chain lubrication, the lubricating oil penetration chain bearing parts, can reduce the chain operation of abnormal sound.

Lifting chain for high-strength alloy steel chain classification can be divided into 50 grades 60 grade 80. Lifting chain specification is 5-46#.

The importance of lifting chain

1. The hoisting chain shall be fitted on the shaft without deflection and oscillation. In the same transmission assembly, the end of the two sprocket should be located in the same plane, the sprocket center distance of 0.5 meters below, allowing the deviation of 1 mm sprocket center from 0.5 meters above the allowable deviation of 2 mm. But it is not allowed to have friction sprocket tooth flank phenomenon, Lifting Chain if the two-wheel is too big to be easy to produce the chain off and accelerate wear. You must pay attention to check and adjust the offset when changing the sprocket.

2. The tightness of the lifting chain should be suitable, too tight to increase power consumption, bearing easy to wear too loose chain easy to beat and off the chain. The degree of tightness of the chain is as follows: lifting or pressing from the middle of the chain, Lifting Chain the center distance of the two sprocket is about 2%-3%.

3. The new lifting chain is too long or after use elongation, it is difficult to adjust, can be seen to remove the chain section, but must be even. The chain section should be crossed from the back of the chain, Lifting Chain the locking piece is inserted outside, and the opening of the locking piece should be in the opposite direction of rotation.