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Installation Process Of Chain Cranes

Jun 23, 2017

Chain Crane is a simple use, wide use, easy to carry manual lifting machinery, can be used in factories, mines, agriculture, electricity, construction production and construction, dock, dock, Warehouse machine installation, cargo lifting, vehicle loading and unloading, Chain Hoist especially for open-air and no power operation.

installation process of chain cranes

I. Pre-installation Preparation

Before installation, should organize the relevant personnel to study carefully, familiar with the drawings, according to Gb50278 "Crane installation Engineering construction and acceptance code" and other standards. The personnel who participate in installation and erection must obtain the corresponding Post qualification certificate.

1, according to hoisting plan to choose the hoisting rod, rope, Chain Hoist anchor pile and hoist and other installation equipment. Then decorate them in a predetermined position. The location of the anchor is marked with lime powder and then excavated and buried.

2. Installation Foundation and Technology

In the chain crane installation position on the laying of 30cm thick stone, on the block stone to lay a small 10cm stone, the foundation of the crane. Then, on the basis of the use of the chassis to set up the sleeper frame, the sectional area of the sleepers must meet the drawings and installation instructions. The area of the sleeper frame shall be determined by calculating the maximum vertical pressure of the column and the ground and the bearing capacity of the ground. Sleepers or foundations must be strong. If the crane needs to move, Chain Hoist consider the position of the jack.

3, the crane should be installed before the structure of the machine to do a comprehensive and careful examination, including the wear of the rotating part of the situation, Chain Hoist the structure of the wire rope and whether the requirements, the electrical device is in line with safety standards and other checks.

4. Preparation of tools and hoisting equipment

According to the actual situation of the chain-mounted crane, it is equipped with suitable lifting equipment and various tools for installation. The construction personnel of each type of work must bring complete corresponding working tools, and require their respective concentration in the kit storage.

II. Installation

1, the installation of the bottom

Select the appropriate weight of the truck crane as a chain crane lifting equipment (This is more convenient for the crane), at the installation site, with the truck crane the chain Crane chassis hanging in the installation position of assembly.

2. Installation of Crane column

2.1 When installed, the sling is securely fastened to the hanging point specified in the column, and the cable wind rope is tied in the position specified in the upper part of the column. The lifting column rotates from the ground to the mounting position and is mounted on the chassis. Chain Hoist Hanging point selection in the side of the column, lifting the mast will be suspended in advance slightly backward and two lateral tilt, while the cable wind rope must be tightened.

2.2 column should be well after the upright on the top of the column to pull four permanent cable, the basic stability of the column to the head of all the permanent cable wind rope tied to the top of the column.

2.3 Fixed cable wind rope, Chain Hoist cable wind rope should be with the ground into a 30-degree angle, the maximum of not more than 45 degrees.

2.4 Permanent cable wind rope line after hanging up, the crane arm variable-amplitude sliding units steel wire rope, and roll Yang Ji tension of the luffing units, so that the column to the direction of the lifting arm slightly tilted. Then the permanent cable wind rope on the upright column is Symmetrical center line with the center line of the luffing EMU, and the two sides are symmetrically tightened to prevent the tilt of the upright column.

3, the installation of the arm

3.1-Arm rack assembly. The bottom section of the jib is suspended and supported above the bracket by using the truck crane, so that the hinge point of the arm frame is connected with the hinged bearing of the chassis properly. The assembly is then assembled on the bracket by section. Wear around the main hook, the auxiliary hook, small hook lifting pulley group, rocker rope Pulley Group, luffing Pulley Group of wire rope.

3.2-board upright lifting arm. After the arm is assembled and the wire rope is wound, a rigorous inspection is carried out, including the solid parts, the wire rope winding order, lubrication and safety measures. The chain crane control and power system power supply, adjust each hoist brake, Chain Hoist one time the arm frame is cocked up. After hanging the wind rope of the permanent cable, the steel wire rope of the luffing pulley group of the jib frame is worn around and the pulley group is tightened by the hoist, the column is slightly inclined to the side of the arm, with the center of the luffing Pulley group as the symmetrical center line, and the permanent cable wind rope of the vertical plane of the arm is symmetrically tightened to ensure the vertical degree of the upright column with two vertical planes.

The arm plate is immediately due to the lifting arm frame to the chassis to produce horizontal backward thrust is the largest, so the chassis front fixed chassis of the sliding units should be tightened.

6, the center line of the lifting rod should be in line with the base centerline in place of the suspended object in order to ensure the center line can coincide with the base centerline when the weight is in place. When lifting weights with two sets of masts, Chain Hoist the distance between the center of the two lifting rods and the base center shall be equal, and as small as possible, to ensure that the derrick is in good condition. Before hoisting, the center line of the equipment should be perpendicular to the center line of two lifting rods as far as possible to ensure the balance of the two rods during hoisting.

7, the anchor pile buried. The size of the pile anchor and the depth in the soil should be chosen according to the maximum tensile force of the La Sauchon. The horizontal anchor and the size of the anchor pit shall be determined according to the calculation, and then, according to the size, dig holes in the designated location and Bury and tamp them. Finally, the test of the ground anchor to pull out the output, can erect a characters wooden lifting frame, and hang a chain crane, use the artificial pull method to carry on the experiment.

8. The winch is fixed, generally uses the wire rope to tie knot in the beforehand buries the anchor pile, or uses the balance weight and the stake to be fixed, sometimes may also use the building to be fixed.

Three, the demolition of chain cranes

1, before the construction of strict inspection chain crane each part of the situation, understanding of the site layout.

2. The dismantling process is contrary to the installation process.

3. Safety Requirements comply with installation safety requirements.