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Lifting Chain Maintenance And Maintenance

Sep 04, 2017

The lifting chain can be adjusted according to the lifting height of the lifting material. The length of the chain can be adjusted. The important lifting device plays an important role in increasing the working efficiency of the crane.

Lifting chain with German automatic equipment, the chain through the high temperature heat treatment, from a variety of testing equipment to ensure that the strict lifting of the chain, lifting chain made of high strength manganese steel

Lifting chain surface can be polished, black, electroplating and other treatment to adapt to large, partial acid or alkali and other harsh environments. Lifting chain of the general standards are: non-standard lifting chain | GB lifting chain | 80 lifting chain, etc.

Lifting chain with the most advanced system of the chain equipment and the most advanced chain technology, the use of the best quality alloy steel, wear, high temperature, corrosion resistance, low ductility, with C hook, claw hook, harness, etc. Lifting the workpiece combination, dragging, lifting, fixing the goods.

Lifting chains are particularly suitable for corrosion-resistant, Lifting Chain clean or demanding areas of certain chemicals as well as high and low temperature applications.

Lifting chain product characteristics

1. The outstanding advantage is that after the force will not stretch and so on

2. Mainly used in the manufacturing, transportation, Lifting Chain mining and other fields

3. Diameter range: Φ6-Φ48

Lifting chain maintenance and maintenance

1. The sprocket should not be skewed and swung on the shaft. In the same drive assembly, the end of the two sprockets should be in the same plane, the sprocket center distance of 0.5 meters below the allowable deviation of 1 mm; sprocket center distance of 0.5 meters above the allowable deviation of 2 mm. Lifting Chain But not allowed to have a friction sprocket teeth side of the phenomenon, if the two rounds are too easy to produce off the chain and accelerated wear. When checking sprockets, Lifting Chain care must be taken to check and adjust the offset.

2. Lifting chain of the tightness should be appropriate, too tight to increase power consumption, easy to wear bearings; too loose chain easy to beat and off the chain. The degree of elasticity of the chain is: from the middle of the chain to lift or press the two sprocket center distance of about 2% -3%.

3. The new lifting chain [1] is too long or stretched after use, it is difficult to adjust, see the situation to remove the chain, but must be even. Lifting Chain The chain should pass through the back of the chain, the locking tab is inserted outside, and the opening of the locking tab should be in the opposite direction of rotation.

4. Sprockets wear serious, should also replace the new sprocket and the new chain to ensure good engagement. You can not simply replace a new chain or a new sprocket. Lifting Chain Otherwise it will cause poor engagement to accelerate the wear of new chains or new sprockets. Sprocket tooth surface wear to a certain extent should be used in time to turn (referring to the use of the sprocket). To extend the use of time.

5. The old lifting chain can not be mixed with some of the new chain, or easy to produce in the drive impact, pull the chain.

6. Lifting chain in the work to remember the timely filling of lubricants. Lifting Chain While the lubricating oil must enter the clearance between the roller and the inner sleeve in order to improve the working conditions to reduce wear.