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Lifting Chains Play An Important Role

Aug 23, 2017

Lifting chain is an important lifting parts, often with the rings to match the lifting sling, in the use of direct load from the lifting load.

The lifting chain can be adjusted according to the lifting height of the lifting height. The length of the chain can be adjusted. The important lifting device plays an important role in increasing the working efficiency of the crane.

Lifting chain using the most advanced system of chain equipment and the most advanced chain technology, Lifting Chain the use of the best quality alloy steel, wear, high temperature, corrosion resistance, low ductility, with C hook, claw hook, harness, etc. Lifting the workpiece combination, dragging, lifting, fixing the goods.

Lifting Chain Product Features

1. The outstanding advantage is that after the force will not stretch and so on

2. Mainly used in the manufacturing, Lifting Chain transportation, mining and other fields

3. Diameter range: Φ6-Φ48

In the use of lifting chain should be noted that:

1, check whether the lifting chain is good or not crack.

2, lifting the chain should be used to test whether the chain can bear the load.

3, Lifting Chain the use of lifting chain should avoid contact with corrosive and strong oxidizing substances, so as not to damage the chain of corrupt damage.

4, lifting the chain after use to clean up the dirt, impurities, Lifting Chain in order to maintain the dry cleanliness of the chain.

5, the lifting chain in the idle when not used should be regularly coated with anti-rust oil so that the next time the chain is not easy to rust and corrosion.

6, lifting chain is strictly prohibited overload to ensure the normal life of the chain.

Lifting chain is an indispensable part of the crane, Lifting Chain the role of the crane is immeasurable, in the choice must pay attention to the details, Lifting Chain or likely to cause serious consequences.