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Packaging Machinery Development Needs Of Our Independent Innovation

Jan 04, 2017

Packaging machinery industry in China started relatively late, started before the 80 's of last century, China can only produce low levels of winding machine, does not constitute an independent industry, released by the State nor packaging machinery in this category in the product catalog. Since the reform and opening up, increasing socio-economic needs for packaging machinery, coupled with the attention and support of the Chinese Government, China packaging machinery industry has been developing by leaps and bounds, through more than 20 years of development and innovation, packaging machinery China machinery industry has become one of the top ten industries, both production and the varieties, remarkable achievements have been made. Though the Chinese package machinery job advancement, but also some low-level redundant construction.

Shanghai Feng machinery winding machine experts, low-level repeated construction of packaging machinery industry product upgrading and independent innovation now constitute a block, should be looking for ways to solve.