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Robot Application In Coating Production Line

Jan 04, 2017

Vehicle recognition include grating identification, barcode recognition, ultrasonic and EMS recognition, and so on. Each identification has its own advantages and disadvantages, workshop mechanized conveyor systems is automatic identification model of EMS systems. By PVC fine seal color scanner to scan the body VIN code, where EMS station has read and write functions to read and write, you can scan the body VIN code information contained code on the data stored in the ski body while PLC the vehicle information is stored in the CCR database. Dang sliding skid transport body in into in the coated line, and surface paint ⅰ/II line spray room entrance Shi, spray room entrance are has a EMS read and write station, through EMS read and write station will sliding skid upload code body body information transmission to robot station MDIP console models color display, if contains code body in the no storage body information or body information errors Shi , need personnel check with car card and body VIN code information, and in MDIP console modified for right of body information data.