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Spray Room Application Frequently Asked Questions

Jan 04, 2017

At present, the paint was widely used in the automotive, industrial machinery, furniture painting process, but because of the practical application of ill-conceived and incomplete purification technology companies have different problems. Frequently asked questions include the following:

(1) to spray operating environment caused by unreasonable design of exhaust ventilation to be ineffective. Is mainly water and air purifying system resistance, negative pressure, local corner. Rebounding paint mist when painting on the phenomenon of secondary pollution has some effect on product quality.

(2) effect of one-sided pursuit of exhaust ventilation air flow rate and air pressure increasing equipment and running costs. Especially for wood manufacturing plant in the North, also need to be heated in winter to send air to the exhaust fan caused greater loss thereby increasing production costs. In General in design and calculation of suction air velocity control in 0.05m/s, air outlet speed control 0.35m/s, to select a fan model.