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The Lifting Chain Has The Characteristic Of Not Elongation After Being Subjected To Force

Sep 25, 2017

Lifting chain is an important lifting accessories, often matching the rings to do lifting sling, Lifting Chain in use directly under the load from lifting weight.

Can adjust the length of the chain according to the lifting height of the heavy weight is a necessary and important device of the crane to improve the crane operation efficiency to expand the crane operation range plays an important role.

Lifting chain adopts the most advanced chain equipment and the most advanced chain-making technology, choose the highest quality alloy steel, wear-resisting, Lifting Chain high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, ductility is low, and C hook, Claw hook, Lifting Chain sling and other lifting workpiece combination, drag, lift, fixed goods.

Characteristics of hoisting chain products

1. Its outstanding advantages are, the force will not be stretched, etc.

2. Mainly used in manufacturing, transportation, mining and other fields

3. Diameter range: φ6-φ48

In the use of lifting chain should be noted:

1, check whether the lifting chain is intact or not crack.

2, the hoisting chain should be used first to test whether the chain can load.

3, in the use of lifting chain should avoid contact with corrosive and strong oxidizing substances, Lifting Chain so as to avoid corrosion of the lifting chain damage.

4, the lifting chain after the use of the removal of dirt, impurities, in order to maintain the chain of dry cleanliness.

5, lifting chain in idle time should be regularly coated with anti-rust oil so that the next time when the chain is not easy to rust and corrosion.

6, lifting chain is strictly prohibited to use overload to ensure the normal service life of the chain.

Lifting chain is an essential part of the crane, Lifting Chain the role of the crane is immeasurable, in the choice must pay attention to details, otherwise easy to cause serious consequences.