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The Rules Of Use Of Chain Slings

Sep 04, 2017

Chain sling mainly includes lifting chain, hook, shackle, strong ring and so on. Chain sling with high quality alloy steel, its prominent feature is wear, high temperature, ductility is low, after the force will not stretch and so on. Ultra-high product quality, has won the recognition of domestic and foreign customers.

Is the use of the most advanced system of chain equipment and the most advanced chain technology selection, with the best quality alloy steel, its range: Φ6-Φ48, Chain Sling can also be based on customer demand for the production of different pitch chain. Chain rigging using finite element analysis and CAD auxiliary software, with reference to EN818-4, GB / T20652 and other standard production production, chain rigging according to the number of limbs can be divided into single limbs, limbs and limbs. Its outstanding advantages are wear resistance, Chain Sling high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low ductility, will not be elongated after the force, mainly used in manufacturing, transportation, mining and other fields.

Use of chain sling rules:

1, is strictly prohibited overweight operations.

2, the chain is not allowed in the course of knotting or twisting.

3, can not use the hook tip load.

4, the chain sling normal working temperature -40 ℃ to +200 ℃, from +200 ℃ to enhance the capacity to 90%, 300 ℃ began to enhance the capacity to 75%, 400 ℃ is not recommended after use.

According to the use of different specifications of the chain sling in the use of mainly divided into chain sling and wire rope rigging two categories. In the selection of the chain sling specifications should be combined with the requirements of the limit of the working force and the working environment, the type of load to be considered to ensure that the chain sling in the lifting of the ability to have sufficient capacity to carry out the lifting of the goods.

Chain rope in the application of the standard side of the chain sling with the need to see the signs on the work load and the scope of application is strictly prohibited overload, Chain Sling and the chain rigging to do visual inspection, in line with the use before. And then the chain is prohibited between the use of informal link links, prohibit hanging directly on the crane hook components or winding on the hook to ensure the safety of the chain chain sling hoisting.

There are several kinds of chain sling, for different types of its use is not the same. Its use, reduction and scrapping have a certain procedure requirements, it must be a very complicated thing, for such an analysis, to deal with its lifting sling tool when a standard means to be carried out, will meet the chain Sling the working environment, will improve the speed of work.

The chain sling is lifting, shifting, Chain Sling handling heavy objects of a safe, practical lifting special tools. In the application of chain sling with high temperature, wear resistance, easy to use, carrying capacity and other advantages are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, shipbuilding, oil, Chain Sling ports and other industries. In the selection of chain sling product length control error can be accurate to mm, so as to meet the special hoisting in various fields.