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The Use Of Lifting Chain Is Very Extensive

Oct 11, 2017

Lifting chain is an important lifting accessories, often matching the rings to do lifting sling, in use directly under the load from lifting weight.

The lifting chain can adjust the length of lifting chain according to the lifting height of the heavy weight is a necessary and important device of the crane, which plays an important role in improving the operation efficiency of cranes and enlarging the operation range of cranes.

We all know the use of lifting chain is very extensive, Lifting Chain commonly used in lifting and lifting operations.

We are familiar with the lifting chain cable with ring chain hand pull gourd, ring chain electric hoist, ring chain palm hoist. In addition to these also has the chain with the fin hook, with a strong ring of three legs rigging, four legs rigging, can also be used with steel pliers.

In addition, it can be combined in a way that changes in the working environment.

Structure of lifting chain, lifting chain it is the active sprocket mounted on the parallel axis, from the dynamic sprocket and the chain around the chain of lifting, the sprocket has a special toothed teeth, Lifting Chain depending on the sprocket gear tooth and chain of the meshing transmission movement and power, chain drive is a middle lifting chain conditions of the meshing transmission. Compared with the belt transmission, the chain drive has no elastic sliding and slipping phenomenon, therefore, it can maintain the accurate average transmission ratio, Lifting Chain the driving efficiency is high, and the preload force of the hoisting chain drive is small, so the axial force is smaller, the structure is compact under the same conditions, and can work under high temperature, oily and low speed. Lifting Chain Compared with the gear drive, the manufacture and installation accuracy of the hoisting chain drive is low and the cost is low, and its structure is simple and light when long-distance transmission.