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Use Of Transmission Lines In The Food Industry

Jan 04, 2017

Transmission lines used in the food industry:

Used flexible conveyor line will not be the same as the production equipment the flexibility to interface with flexible and beautiful, installation simple characteristics of normal structure, clean and pollution-free. Flexible delivery function of active transportation, distribution and subsequent packaging of the sustainable transport, is the company's high degree of Automation Division of production, advances the production power of two to choose from.

Advantages: effective cutting workshop space with high quality, high-speed and secure delivery, less protection, low running cost meet the health requirements of food production, pollution-free modular planning, delivery of equipment can be reused.

Multiple delivery methods according to different types of goods, such as clamping, hanging, dragging, pushing; also can be set according to the selected function to Confluence and shunt, aggregates, sorting, and according to the needs of the production process of goods, to constitute an appropriate system of delivery of goods produced.