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Winding Machine Working Principle

Jan 04, 2017

Winding machine working principle is to place the object to be wrapped in the Rotary Central, start the turntable motor, naturally driven turntable rotation, stretch film machine led to external objects. Same time lift motor started, Twine Binder the entire group should be driven up and down movement, reaching around the height of objects, which realized the entire appearance of an object wrapper. This is not only beneficial to cargo storage, transport and packaging requirements for mechanized loading and unloading operations, and preventing damage to the cargo during loading, dust, moisture and cleaning effect, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency. Main is in the process of winding the film tension adjustment, and film. By adjusting the rotary speed and adjust motor speed can reach film tension levels. As long as you know the turntable speed, the fastest, the motor turns more slowly, film will more tightly, whereas the more loose this theory is not difficult to operate.

Automatic film wrapping machine adopts microcomputer control, can be used for packaging various technological requirements of the packing operation and automatic fault-film, film wrapping machine with stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, high in high dust, noise, electromagnetic interference and temperature fluctuation under normal working conditions, and has the advantages of simple operation. Machine Twining for plastic film main electrical components adopt imported brand-name products, control PLC imported winding machine parts, the program will never be lost. Automatic film winding machines lowest price best, power quality assurance.